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The Klug Nowy Group (KNG) are committed to rigorous analysis on all projects it considers. Through this process, our exceptional team and by working with partners to mitigate risk, we are able to deliver exceptional returns to our Investors. 


We acknowledge that in carrying out these processes, our developments and investments will have broader environmental and social impact and we take responsibility for managing these to the best of our ability and for the benefit all stakeholders involved in our projects.

Below we have outlined our policies in managing some of the pressing environment, social and governance issues we a presented with throughout our business activities. 

Policies & Targets

We have defined several policies, targets in order to provide structure to our sustainable development goals. 

The Groups Property Environmental Policy sets out our overarching aims and ambitions for Sustainable Investment. 

Environmental objectives

To meet environmental legislation, the KNG have created (and will continue to create and adapt) clear environmental objectives. These will be developed and monitored throughout business operation, as well as continuously improved to enhance the Groups environmental performance. 


We will constantly monitor our sustainable and environmental performance against leading industry standards. The two key benchmarks we will use to monitor these are the;

The Group will publish its performance annually in 2023 when it will become members of the UNPRI and GRESB.  


We are committed to implementing the principles of sustainable developments throughout our work, thereby benefiting our stakeholders, investors and the environment as a whole.  

Throughout our projects we will conform to;

  • the environmental polices of the Local Authority, and were possible deliver project above these standards;

  • to include our environmental criteria throughout our development process - were projects and acquired post-planning or post-construction we will aim to reconfigure developments to suit our criteria where viable.

  • ensure our customers, contractors and suppliers are aware of our environmental criteria and work with us to minimise the pollution and production of excess waste.    

  • to only engage with consultants, contractors, suppliers and agents that can demonstrate they are willing to implement the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors we require. 

We have used a set of standards outlined by Royal London Asset Management to ensure our developments confirm market leading standards within the sector. 

Property management

We will continue to monitor and enhance the management of our property investment portfolios in-line with our environmental objectives.


As with our developments, we will look to work with agents that allow us to catalyse our environmental efforts and that share in our vision.  

Responsible Property Development & Investment

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